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Thank's for finding my little corner of the InterWeb. I am a Web Developer & UX/UI Designer based in Dublin, Ireland. I have a passion for user centered design and building exceptional user interfaces & experiences.

A strong user experience, which also satisfies client and stakeholder goals is key to a succesful project. I follow best practice principles in my creative workflow process. Following that with clean semantic HTML markup, responsive CSS and JavaScript that validates to W3C specifications can go a long way to delivering a fulfilling user experience.

I am effective creatively under tight deadlines, with or without a brief and with minimal supervision. I believe in a team process, that the sum is greater than any individual part and the collective contribution and co-operation of each and every team member is essential for success.

I am alaways looking for projects or experiences that teach me something new or expand my skillset. I am currently enrolled in a Level 8 Higher Diploma in Software Development which will be completed in 2022.

The Earth without art is just 'eh'.


Some other stuff about me...

I am originally from Toronto, Canada. I came to Ireland by way of Cruise Ships, where I travelled all around the world for over 15 years. I met my beautiful Irish wife Jane while working on the ships and when it came time to settle it was easy decision to choose Ireland. I love Art, History and Archeaology which Ireland has in abundance. It is never to long between taking road trips somewhere on this little island to find something long forgotten.

Jane and I have three boys, Tim, Liam and Owen! If you need to smile just find some pics of them on my Facebook profile... I challenge you not to smile! Say hi when you are there.

I have too many hobbies to go through since I never say no to any new challenge or activity! The main ones though are my alter ego AbracaDave Magic. I love doing close up magic, there's no greater feeling than making someone smile or laugh, that moment of 'Astonishment' when they 'Embrace The Impossible' is priceless and I cherish every moment I create through such a fun hobby. The entertainer bug started way back in High School in Canada where my passion was music, I did a year at Humber College in Toronto as a Saxophone major all the while I was playing Drums in various rock and roll bands on the side! My dream job is taken by some dude named Larry... the nerve!

Fine Art

Any good designer has to be an artist as well. A good pencil and sketchbook is never too far away. Your brain can fill up with a lot of garbage pretty fast and the only way to clear it is to get those thoughts down on paper. Only then can you clear your brain and make room for all new ideas.

In 2007 I tried my hand at Oil Painting, something I always wanted to try. You can see some of the results on my FB profile but also on some of the background images on this site, 'Fantasy Happy Landscapes' I call them. (Thanks Bob Ross!)


Below you will find some recent stuff, some older stuff. A nice mix of Web Development, Wordpress Development and UX/UI Design work. Some have project details, click to view.

Thanks for looking!

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